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Gift Cards for the Holidays

With the October Thanksgiving celebration already in the rearview mirror, it's not too soon to start gearing up for the Holiday Season.

For most, Christmas and New Year's are times with family and friends, good food and drink, gift giving.  Why not add a little sparkle to the Holiday Season by presenting your employees and customers with gift cards they can use immediately at places like Amazon.ca, Starbucks, Cara - The Ultimate Dining Card and Cineplex Odeon?

While overall retails sales were down about two percent during the 2014 Holiday Season, more Canadians actually did their shopping online.  That trend is expected to continue this year with ecommerce growing by as much as 17 percent. National Gift Card can partner with your business, large or small, to help ride that trend by creating a seamless, scalable loyalty program that's budget friendly, easy to administer and helps achieve your goals.

Amazon.ca, of course, captures a large portion of ecommerce.  When you consider the retail giant sells tens of thousands of products, from audio books to costumes, it's not hard to understand why.  Amazon.ca gift cards are particularly popular for entertainment items, including video games, software, electronics to music and DVDs.

Speaking of entertainment, Cineplex Odeon has long been one of Canada's leading movie venues.  As part of the Cineplex family, which boasts with more than 160 theaters and 1,600 screens from coast to coast, Cineplex Odeon is a premier destination featuring the latest in sound and picture technologies.  Gift cards can be used and enjoyed by your employees and customers for both tickets and snacks.

Cara -The Ultimate Dining Card gift cards are also available for folks who need something more substantial than popcorn.  With choices like Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill, Harvey's, Montana's and East Side Mario's, The Ultimate Dining Card offers items to satisfy all of your employees' and customers' tastes.

Traveling from store to store during the Holiday Season to find that perfect gift, is so much more enjoyable with a favorite Starbucks drink in hand.  Gift cards open the door for that perfect beverage or treat at more than 9,000 locations across Canada and the United States.