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Prizes? Recognition? Try Starbucks Gift Cards!

Contests are a great way to motivate employees or generate interest among customers that can lead to engagement, regardless of your company's mission.  But what to use as a prize?

For Canadians, one of the most obvious choices is a campaign involving Starbucks, one of the more popular stops for a refreshing beverage.  Starbucks has teamed up with National Gift Card to make the choice even easier.

Whether you're looking for a prize in a contest or simply something you can use as a recognition tool, a Starbucks gift card from NGC is something that fits the bill.

There's never a Starbucks far from someone who will see a connection between your business and this iconic brand.

In the case of a contest, the Starbucks gift card from National Gift Card is a great "take action" nudge to participate in your company's contest.  Redeemable at any location, you've demonstrated flexibility and choice in letting the contest winners choose how they will spend their prizes.

And, as an employee motivator, a gift of Starbucks is an almost universal expression of positive recognition for whatever action you want to recognize.  It's a timeless expression that won't go unnoticed.

When it comes to picking a prize for a contest or investing in an effective employee recognition program, a tangible yet affordable initiative involving a Starbucks gift card is one of the most flexible and affordable opportunities available.

And, with the help of NGC, it's one that is but a few clicks away from turning into reality.